Aggregate Demand & Aggregate Supply

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  • Yes

  • just wondering that i got the question asked abt the range of AS. they ask to use AD and AS to clarify the range of AS... could u explain abt it for me???

  • @tamtamvn I have 2 thoughts. Do you mean the 2 extremes, ie where AS is horizontal when there is a lot of spare capacity in the economy and vertical when you are near to full employmentand? Or, do you mean the range of policies to alter AS such as education and training, deregulation, etc? Hope this helps.


  • how does a lot of unused resources increase AD? i dont see how it could....oh! and can you explain what you mean by inports and outputs? what are examples of that?

  • @Mojoman1 A lot of unused resources allows the economy to expand AS to meet an increase in AD

    Inputs are the factors of production (land, labour, capital and enterprise) used to produce a nations outputs (ie goods and services)


  • you may know! our economics teacher mentioned total GDP includes businesses bought, but does this include business that were existing?

  • GDP measures new output, so if a car dealer sells NEW cars, the value of those cars is measured as it is NEW output. But, the value of second hand cars would not be included. Hope this helps

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  • Nice Video. Any chance you can make one about the graphs with average total cost, variable cost, etc? thanks.

  • Thank you!

  • This would be better if the camera was held static instead of the shaky-cam, zoom-in effect they're going for here. It's quite distracting. This is economics, not the Hurt Locker!

  • @Jarrodmontelius What would be the point of me knowing anything more when the Illuminati pays me to troll on the internet all day? There are thousands like me who get paid to sit at our computers all day and investigate conspiracy theorists. It's really a dream job for anyone and pocket change for the illuminati members, so it's a win-win for us and a lose-lose for everyone else, lol

  • I should skip school and start watching your videos :>

  • @EyeAmTheIlluminati the thing is all the nwo stuff has come true, and what is the point of having somone like alex jones exposing the truth? Your somone who knows about the illuminati, nothing more.

  • is this for your ocr AS level

  • @Jarrodmontelius The NWO stuff is misguided. They would never be so explicit about taking over. It's a gradual process of enslavement, much like boiling a frog. Over 99% of the value of the currency has been destroyed in the last 100 years. That's true enslavement, a pyramid scheme of money creation whereby a few insiders benefit at everyone else's expense. Inflation is the biggest scam ever perpetrated on humanity and economics departments around the country exist to justify central banking.

  • @EyeAmTheIlluminati The end result being.... A nwo? lower the population, by like 80%?

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