Ch. 8 Aggregate demand and Aggregated Supply

Subject: Economics Grade: 11h IB Period: 6th Quarter: 4th Unit: 2 Theme: Macroeconomics

Date: Tuesday: March 22 , 2011 - Wednesday: March 23, 2011

Specific Objectives: To create a wiki and elaborate a study guide of aggregated demand and aggregated supply model
Instruction Methods: Computer Lab, Lecture and Cooperative learning
A. Initial Activities
1. Check Students List.
2. Explanation of Class Objective.
B. Activities Development
1. Discuss and Understand importance of a Wiki
2. Select teams to Create a Wiki
3. Discuss rules and rubrics for Wiki Project
4. Begin Wiki Project
C. Activities Evaluation
1. Create Wiki

Homework. Remember commentary is due on March 25th Friday

Team 1
Joseph, J.C, Dean

Team 2
Daniel, Andrea, Maria V.

Team 3
Rolando, Escobar, Soto, Valentina

Team 4
Sra. Martinez, Ivette, Norena

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